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Manish is a leading new aged Yoga Master and Spiritual Guru born in Jodhpur. He is an “Inborn Yogi”.

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Yoga is what I have been into from the past 20...

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Our mantra and tantra courses are renowned...

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Spiritual healing is something that is the...

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Life Coaching Sessions

At some point in time, you might have felt...

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Tantra Workshops

Despite of several books devoted to this...

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Kashmir Shaivism

What is Kashmir Shaivism?

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Exotic Yoga Retreats

What is a Yoga Retreat? In simple terms, a...

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Spiritual Healing Workshops

Spiritual Healing (often known as energy...

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The Key Reasons to Practice Yoga

Good for Health

Yoga is where you can find balance, harmony and energy. Yoga helps you to live a healthy and balanced life.

Good for Body

Yoga is where you can gain balance of metabolism. Maintain healthy weight, beautiful strong body and control your hunger.


Good for Cardio

Yoga improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure of the body. A lower pulse rate helps your heart.

Good for Breathing

Yoga improves your respiratory by helping your lungs work more efficiently. Breathing exercises are a therapy.

I learnt a lot about kriyas and pranayama from Manish and would love to practise with him as my teacher once again.

Jennifer Tan
Jennifer TanLiverpool, Singapore

Yogi Manish delivered the whole principles of Yoga in a professional manner and I had a great time with him on yoga retreat.

Rosanna Phare
Rosanna PhareQueens Land, Australia

Manish is a brilliant Yoga Teacher. He is very knowledgeable, enjoys an in-depth discussion and is fun with it.

Jenny Hawkins
Jenny HawkinsBristol, United Kingdom

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