What is Kashmir Shaivism?

Also known as Pratyabhijna (a Sanskrit word which means ‘Recognition’), Kashmir Shaivism is a philosophical and religious system of worshiping lord Shiva as the supreme reality. Originated in Kashmir in ninth century, it is a transformative and powerful yogic philosophy providing great tools for a spiritual seeker. During this time, the fertile valley of Kashmir was the heart of spiritual and intellectual life.

God and the individual are one, to realize this is the essence of Shaivism

Who are Shaivities?

The followers of Shaivism are called “Shaivites” or “Saivites”. They are among the largest group of people who believe in and worship Shiva as creator and destroyer of world. They consider Shiva as supremacy over all.

What is Shiva Sutra?

Trident Yantra of Parama Siva

Trident Yantra of Parama Siva

Shiva Sutra is a central text for Kashmir Shaivism. Shiva Sutra is a collection of seventy seven dictums that form the base of the ritual of spiritual religion known as Kashmir Shaivism. They are accredited to the sage Vasugupta of the 9th century C.E. Corresponding to three upayas (means / ways / approaches) in Kashmir Shaivism, the Shiva Sutras are divided into three sections:

  • Shambhavopaya or Divine Means
  • Shaktopaya or Empowered Means
  • Anavopaya or Individual Means

Besides Kashmir Shaivism, Shiva Sutra gives the core of the inner yoga practice and values several other tantric traditions as well.

How does it help you?

The Shiva Sutras focuses on attaining liberty (enlightenment) and delight of life, in enduring experience, via direct insight of one’s own true character – and the intrinsic unity that is its essence.

Some of the Basic Principles of Shaivism

  • Everything is consciousness.
  • Consciousness incorporates the formless (Shiva) and form (Shakti).
  • Consciousness is represented by awareness.
  • Consciousness forms the universe by contracting into material life and entity souls.
  • An entity can experience the state of prolonged Consciousness through the divine awakening catalysed by a Self-realised master.
  • Through practice in a number of approaches or means, an entity can become balanced in the state of prolonged Consciousness while living his/her everyday life.

Inclusions in Kashmir Shaivism Workshops

The students attending workshops on Kashmir Shaivism shall receive realistic instigations in esoteric meditation methods including:

  • The original prana ucchara
  • The use of bhavana (emotions)
  • The basic monistic meditation (“I am”)
  • The use of the mandela of the trident
  • And several others

May the grace of Lord Shiva shine upon you!

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