Manish Goyal Life Coach

Manish Goyal (Life Coach)

At some point in time, you might have felt that you need someone who can provide you an unbiased advice. And for this, you might have consulted your friends or relatives or someone who is close to you. These people sometimes might offer you good counsel but they are not always a great alternative for seeking advice. Regardless of their love and affection for you, their experience might just not be enough for giving a perfect advice. This situation demands a life coach.

A life coach is a well-qualified person/professional who can assist you to look at your life objectively. You can seek advice from the life coach; develop plans and answers for resolving issues and improving your outlook. You can seek advice from a life coach for all kinds of issues like personal, professional, family or health. Moreover, you will feel more confident and self-reliant. A life coach will also keep you motivated with his guidance.

Unfortunately, life coaching is a commonly misunderstood approach. Some treat it as a modern form of counseling while others as expensive agony. But, it’s not true. Life coaching has happened to be the most successful form of talking therapy and has helped millions of people.

What does a life coach do?

Three words that describe the work of a life coach is:

Guidance – A life coach can provide you with support and tools to broaden your perspective and open up your mind, thereby enabling you to reach your goals.

Empowerment – A life coach can provide you with the authority to do something by realizing their self-esteem and self-reliance. A life coach can help you increase the degree of autonomy by motivating you.

Improvement – Seeking the advice of a life coach, you will sense improvement in yourself. You will witness a change in your life by comparing where you were before and where you are now. This way you will reach your goal faster.

What to expect from Life Coaching?

You bring the “what”

Being an expert in your own life, you will bring the content and create the agenda.

I bring the “how”

Being your life coach, I shall be fully present, ready to hear without a verdict.

After hearing you patiently, I will guide you with my suggestions and advice. I will be ready to answer all your curiosities. I will ask you several open-minded questions which will be designed to make you think in different ways. I will put up all situations, possibilities, and solutions so that you can decide on the right option.

Structure of Life Coaching Sessions

If you happen to live in Ludhiana (Punjab); you are lucky and we can meet in person. If you live somewhere else, Skype is the best option. Skype sessions can be arranged as per your convenience and my availability. Usually, a session lasts about an hour. You are free to seek email support as well.

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