Incorporating yoga into your routine workout program is fruitful on many levels. It can help in relaxing muscles, avoiding injury and keeping you flexible. In addition, the benefits of reduced anxiety and increased oxygen levels can provide you with an overall sense of well-being.

I’ve heard many times that several likely students feel uncomfortable to join yoga workshop since they feel nervous to join a huge crowd. While several other beginners shy from even trying a group yoga class as it is offered with a gym membership which tends to be more challenging. If given an opportunity, I can convince you that private yoga sessions are worth the investment and can even bring the courage to join a group yoga session or workshop.

Who needs a private yoga class?

A private yoga class is good for all levels of yoga practitioners. But, it is best for beginners as they need personal attention towards their poses. The beginners are likely to do mistakes and a private yoga coach like me can rectify their wrong poses. Private yoga sessions offer beginners the ability to progress in poses.

Private yoga classes are perfect for people who wish to rehabilitate and get back to yoga after a sustained injury. These classes are also good for advanced practitioners who wish to take their practice to a higher level.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are basically intended to focus on your precise needs such as philosophy, alignment, relaxation, core stabilization, and injury rehabilitation. Private yoga sessions are one-on-one or may be booked as a semi-private with two or more people.

Group Private Sessions

I am happy to offer my services to groups like corporate, students, government officials, family members, and friends. This private group session can be organized at my studio or on-site.

Private Yoga Sessions are beneficial for

  • People with sustained health conditions who can benefit from yoga classes specially designed for their requirements.
  • People who may feel nervous in group yoga sessions, and would like a more private environment.
  • People who feel unfit and want slow and personally designed yoga sessions to move them towards optimal health.
  • People who are in restriction or pain and want to move beyond their boundaries.
  • People who want to focus on a particular part of yoga with which the trainer is mainly familiar.

Note: Students must cancel their Private Yoga Sessions 24 hours in advance else would be charged for the full rate of the session.

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