spiritual healingSpiritual Healing (often known as energy healing) is known to many. But, its definition is different for different people. Here, I shall be telling you what exactly the term “Spiritual Healing” means, how it works and how can you get benefited with it.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is a technique of using subtle energy to address issues that have been creating issues in regular life. These issues can be related to anything like chronic illness, sexual problems, work and family matters, mental trauma, etc. Spiritual Healing with the help of positive energies has been a proven treatment for all such issues.

As per a spiritual research, it was found that about 80% of the problems in human life can have its roots in the spiritual aspect. Obviously, when problems have their root cause in the spiritual dimension, they need to be treated via some spiritual methods or techniques. This method or technique is termed as Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual healing is a path of transformation, a journey that connects the body, heart, and mind to free the soul.

Spiritual Healing Methods

There is a common misconception among most of the people that spiritual healing is all about counseling. However, it’s not true as counseling is not a form of spiritual treatment. Listed below are a few spiritual healing methods which facilitate this modern form of treatment.

  1. Healing via Prayers
  2. Healing via Reiki, Prana, and Qi
  3. Healing via radionics and stones
  4. Healing via the personal spiritual realization
  5. Healing via intense meditation
  6. Healing via universal compassion techniques
  7. Healing via visualization techniques

What is spiritual healing used for?

The answer to this question can be lengthy as there are hundreds of life-related problems that have a spiritual dimension and can be treated with spiritual healing effectively. Nowadays, people are moving more towards natural healing methods rather than clinical treatments. Spiritual Healing is considered a huge step in this route.

Healing Vs Curing

In today’s world, we expect quick fixes. Western medicines focus on curing people via pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other medical interventions. Let’s say, you have a bacterial infection, you will be provided with ‘antibacterial medicine’ as a cure by western medicine.

Western medicines have treatments for a lot of problems. But, healing goes beyond medicinal cure. It includes intellectual expansion, physical cures, spiritual growth, and other interventions. Healing goes into deep of the problem to know why you got bacterial infection rather than curing it in the initial phase.

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