Despite of several books devoted to this practice, tantra has been one of the most ignored branches of Indian spiritual studies. Tantra is usually accused of being a kind of black magic but it’s not true. In fact, tantra represents practical aspects of Vedic traditions and among the most important Indian customs.

What is the meaning of Tantra?

The Sanskrit word “TANTRA” is a combination  of two words “TANOTI” and “TRAYATI”. Tanoti means “to stretch or to expand or to extend” and Trayati means “to liberate or to set free”.  Hence, Tantra is referred as “the means to extend one’s knowledge and understanding beyond the substance in order to achieve self-liberation or consciousness”. In simple words you can say that tantra is the scripture by which the light of knowledge (awareness/consciousness) is spread.

तन्यते विस्तारयते जननं अनमना इति तन्त्रम्

The two essential schools of Indian scriptures are “Agama” and “Nigama”. Agamas are those which are revelations whereas Nigmas are the customs. Tantra is an Agama and therefore it is called “srutishakhavisesah”, which means it is a limb of the Vedas.

Tantric Scriptures

Shiva and Shakti are the main deities worshipped. In tantra, bali (animal sacrifice) has been given much importance. The most dynamic aspects of Vedic customs developed as a mysterious system of knowledge in the Tantras. The prime tantric scripture is “Atharva Veda”.

Types & Terminology

There are 18 “Agamas” which are ritualistic in character are referred to as Shiva tantras. There are three different tantrik customs — Dakshina, Vama and Ma dhyama. They symbolize the three shaktis (powers) of Shiva and are distinguished by the three gunas (qualities) – “sattva”, “rajas” and “tamas”. The Dakshina tradition, characterized by the “sattva” branch of tantra is basically for good purpose. The Ma dhyama, characterized by “rajas” is of mixed nature, while the Vama, characterized by “tamas” is the most impure form of tantra.

Use of Tantrism

When proper recitation of mantras is carried out, natural forces get invoked to produce the desired result. Tantra sadhana (tantrik meditation) and worship helps in attaining several supernatural powers.

Tantra, Mantra and Yantra

Tantra is a procedure to perform a ritual. It is usually combined with Mantra & Yantra. Mantras are the sound energies which works like activation keys. Last, yantras are the mechanical devices that are used to attract or focus energies. Hence, tantra is a way to perform a task (or a ritual) making use of mantra and yantra. However, trantra do have their individual existence without dependence on mantra and tantra.


1) Tantra Visharad

Tantra Visharad (level one course) is a great opportunity for the seekers who want to get initiated in the ancient science of tantra, mantra & yantra. This is a great opportunity to learn about inner powers & how to use it in your day to day life.

In this 7 days program, seekers will learn to identify their own being. How to heal own life well as others by using ancient such mantras & yantras? At the beginning of the course, students will initiation by Guruji (they will get their personal mantra) & how to invoke energy by the sadhana. They will learn how to adopt a tantric lifestyle. After introduction & initiation, students will learn the science of Prana Vidya, because prana is important for any kind of spiritual sadhana. They will have a tantra philosophy & theory lecture on a daily basis throughout the course along with hatha yoga & meditation practice. After initiation into tantra vidya, students will learn the procedure of tantra sadhana & self-healing techniques through mantras.

Students will also learn how to perform small tantric rituals for healing & invoking positive energy in their home & working place. They will also get initiated in greater healing mantras. We welcome all the seekers of Tantra who searching for authentic tantra vidya.

2) Tantra Shiromani

Tantra shiromani is a second level course. In this course, the seekers will learn in-depth healing modalities like how use to use Yantra & Mantra in tantric tradition. In this course, they will get initiation of powerful sadhanas or practices which truly useful in kalyuga (present era).

In this course, every individual gets to know about their own hidden spiritual talent & how they can use it in their life journey.  They will learn sadhana according to their own nature & will. Guruji will guide them on how to invoke higher energy of their own aradhya dev or deities. They will also learn yantra poojas or how to invoke energy in yantras with the particular mantra, mudra & nyasas.

They will get higher Tantrik Sadhanas of Lord Hanuman & Lord Bhairava as they are an avatar or a form of lord Shiva himself.

3) Tantracharya (Tantra Master)

Tantracharya is the 3rd level in the series of courses. After successful completion of other 2 levels seekers or students are entitled to take part in Tantracharya course. It is suggested to practice the first 2 levels of sadhana at least for a year then come for tantracharya.

In this course, students will get initiation in one of the Mahavidyas (highest level Tantrik Sadhana). They will get complete knowledge of secret sadhanas which are Mahavidyas or the supreme form of mother goddess & how to meditate & perform tantric rituals to invoke Shakti within. They will also learn how to use this energy for the betterment of themselves & Society.

Yogi Manish is one of the prominent teacher in India who has a very well renowned name as a tantra teacher in India who has an expertise of 20+ years and learning from the ancient scriptures of tantra. We are offering three levels of tantra course in India that a person can choose from to get beginner-level knowledge, intermediate level and then sign up for the expert level course and get certification from us as a tantra yoga teacher from our school of tantra and yoga. We are affiliated with top organizations across the world to provide the tantra course to our students.
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