The Evolution of Kashmir Shaivism

Kashmir Shaivism is considered the main, most elite and most inspiring Yoga, representing an elementary stance on the universe. The initial steps in this lane are practices that are by now advanced. It also offers an extensive abstract enlightenment as well as realistic exercises, relating a huge deal of spiritual initiation and transmission.

Kashmiri Shaivism is the base of the teachings of Agama Yoga. It includes practices for purifying the mind and, removing blockages and self-consciousness, and improving life so that real development is simply within reach. Agama gives complete, deep, and clear teachings on spiritual life and the esoteric Yoga.

In the philosophy of Trika Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism is said to be an extremely refined expression of the spiritual work we do. It is a general term referring to the dualistic and non-dualistic schools of the notion that came out in Kashmir (in northwest India).

The ancient origins of Kashmir Shaivism

Similar to all tantric customs, Shaivism begins from the Indian subcontinent. The Kashmiri Pandits (yogis) in the region focused on more mystic practices of Tantra than what was generally known at that time. But, there is a major difference between Tantra and Shaivism. Tantra considers the higher power (the god) and the self as two different things but Shaivism rejects this duality. According to Shaivism:

Divinity is in everything that exists and everything that exists is a divine whole.

It is usually considered that accessing this divinity is complex. But, with a devotional approach, dedicated practice and higher consciousness; divinity can be attained by apparently easy acts and techniques.

To attain this stage of accomplishment, a certain level of mind control is required by a practitioner – the mind must develop further than its daily level. Through Trika Meditation (an advanced practice), which is a division of the Kashmir Shaivism, you can get trained to enlarge your mind outside your body. This is possible only for those who are passionately devoted to understanding spiritual evolution.

The origin of Kashmir Shaivism from Tantrism

During a period of time, thousand of tantric customs developed in India (and in the world too). All these tantric traditions were majorly classified into three heads:

  1. Shaiva-Shakti Tantrism
  2. Buddhist Tantrism
  3. Vaishnava Tantrism

Shaiva-Shakti Tantrism considers Lord Shiva as the supreme and absolute consciousness as his Shakti (power / dynamic energy). This philosophy later became famous as Shaivism. This Shaivism was widely developed in three apart regions of India.

  1. Kashmir in North
  2. Kerala and Tamil Nadu in South
  3. Gauda (Bengal) in East.

The tantric traditions widespread in these areas came to be grouped under six customs:

  1. Saiva Siddhanta
  2. Pashupati Shaivism
  3. Kashmir Shaivism s
  4. Vira Shaivism
  5. Shiva Advanta
  6. Siddha Siddhanta

This is how Kashmir Shaivism evolved from Tantrism (Tantric Traditions).

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